About US

About Divi Marketing

Digitiv is a Performance Marketing Agency located in Memphis, TN. With our foundations in Fortune 500 companies, we know distinctly how to navigate your company to make entire successful Marketing campaigns.  

Our Values

Digitiv’s values go into everything that we do.  

User First

If your users aren’t first, you’re last.

Do One Thing Better

Do one thing better than anyone else. For us, that’s Digital Marketing campaigns that incorporate SEO, PPC & Social Media.

Fast is Better - Not Best

We want fast – but fast doesn’t mean the best.

Automation is King

Automation is king. King for us. King for you. We will always find a way to automate processes more.


We go for consistency delivering results over selling new services.  We know that you will look for more when we increase performance.

Customer Contact

Customers should want to tell everyone who is not a direct competitor about our services.

What We Do Best


Paid Media

Social Media


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